The 2020 Ford Escape is built for style, comfort and practicality. In other words, this is an all-purpose vehicle that gets the job done very efficiently. The new Escape has been completely redesigned from the inside-out. This daily driver is meant to be driven, so you can always drive with complete confidence. Although this vehicle is compact, it still delivers large levels of performance.

Exterior Appearance

First things first, the 2020 Escape has an exterior that's very easy on the eyes. Its body is slender at the front while growing muscular at the rear-end. The vehicle's aerodynamics are on point, and dark molding wraps around the lower portions of the frame. Unlike other automobiles that are in this particular class, the Escape goes more so for a softer appearance.

The SUV's body lines are soft as they flow from end to end. There aren't any breaks in the body lines, which gives off a more consistent look. The dazzling LEDs are hypnotizing, especially for the vehicle's headlamps. The SUV's roofline is also curved, which gives the vehicle a unique appearance.

Safety Innovation

The 2020 Escape brings a lot to the table when it comes to safety and security. Keeping and your loved ones protected while commuting is something that this SUV prides itself on. Of course, the new Escape comes with an airbag system that possesses strategically placed airbags throughout the frame. Radars and sensors can also be found here for scanning the roadways.

Pre-Collison Assist can thwart potential crashes by detecting vehicles and pedestrians. The brakes will engage if the driver doesn't take action. BLIS with Cross-Traffic Alert keeps you aware of vehicles that may enter your blind zones. There's also Evasive Steering Assist and Lane Keeping Assist.

The new Escape also offers a clutter-free interior. Up to five persons can sit in the cabin. Woodgrain trim and illuminated cup holders are also available. There's a beautiful multimedia display that sits over the center dash, and it's full of apps.

These components are just some of the many features that Woonsocket, RI consumers can expect, and now the ball is in your court.

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