Nothing makes you feel more connected with the outdoors than hitting the open roads in your Ford. When springtime arrives in the Attleboro, MA area, you need to maintain your Ford for warm-weather travels. Our factory-trained mechanics can do flush and fill your coolant, maintain your radiator, put in a cooler thermostat, and check and replace the battery.

We also do a full oil change service, change the engine air filter, and tune up the engine as needed. We also service the air conditioning system and cabin air filter to give you the coolest and most comfortable cabin.

Why You Should Use Our Springtime Services

Spring and summertime travel in Attleboro, MA, often is much different than during winter. The warm weather and occasional torrential rains provide different driving challenges than wintertime weather. Springtime service makes sure your Ford is in the best shape to handle hotter weather and summertime driving conditions.

All your belts and hoses get inspected, and your radiator topped off with fresh coolant to keep the engine running at proper temperatures. Your brakes get a thorough inspection and service as needed, too. That makes it safe to stop and maintain safe speeds during your warm-weather travels.

Tire and Wheel Services Ensure Smooth Travels

Our tire and alignments services at Franklin Ford help you to keep your Ford between the lines. We make sure you have four good all-season radials to give you ideal traction during summertime drives. We mount, balance, and rotate each tire and check and adjust the alignment as needed. We do two-wheel alignment service on front-wheel-drive cars and four-wheel alignments on all-wheel-drive models.

When combined with a tire balance and rotation, an alignment helps you get the best traction and smoothest travels. It also helps to ensure the best handling and safe stops while you are out and about running errands or just having fun behind the wheel of your Ford Explorer. Our online service schedule lets you pick a day and time to come in and make your Ford ready for summertime fun.

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