Find the Features You Want for Less at Franklin Ford

Proof That You Don’t Have to Break the Bank for High End Features

When hunting through our bargain inventory here at Franklin Ford, you might notice something interesting. Many of our models offer an incredible list of features despite their sub-$20,000 price tag. That’s no accident, as we believe that our customers deserve to drive something they can be proud of at a price they can be comfortable with. So keep in mind as you’re looking for a used car, you don’t have to break the bank to get luxury features at our dealership.

Take our inventory of used Ford Escape models for instance. Many of them are available with a panoramic sliding moonroof. A feature typically reserved for vehicles that are at least $25,000, the elongated glass panel gives a feeling of openness to the interior, and lets in plenty of fresh air when you slide it to the open position.

On several of our models including the Focus and EcoSport, features that help with the miserably cold Massachusetts winters can be found such as a heated steering wheel, heated seats, and remote start. The remote start feature can help activate and warm up your vehicle without you having to leave the comfort of your home, while the heated seats and steering wheel will keep you feeling warm while on the road.

The opportunity to purchase a new Ford Focus has now passed, as Ford will no longer sell the compact sedan in the United States after this year. That means your best chance at finding a quality Ford Focus for less is to search through our inventory and find a model that speaks to you. If this is a model that you have any interest in, the time to pick one up is now, before they’re gone for good.

But no matter which bargain model you choose, you’ll have the confidence of knowing you’re getting a quality car at a quality price. Visit our dealership today and take any of our under-$20k used models for a test drive to experience the value firsthand.

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