Three Reasons to Consider Buying a Ford EcoSport Compact Crossover

Compact crossovers are the newest hot trend in the automotive market. Combining the efficiency and maneuverability of a compact car with the flexibility and versatility of a crossover, these automotive jacks of all trades have steadily gained a loyal following among modern drivers.

Now, Ford offers a compact crossover as well. The 2018 EcoSport is here to provide the well-rounded driving experience that many of our customers are looking for. Check out our favorite features in the EcoSport below, then come see us in person to take one for a test drive.

1. Flexible Cargo Space: The EcoSport's small size may deceive shoppers. Open it up and you'll find an exterior that's ready to accommodate gear and equipment with folding seats and a convenient rear liftgate.

2. Engine Options: Both of the available engines for the EcoSport offer distinct experiences. The naturally-aspirated 2.0-liter mates to Ford's intelligent four-wheel drive system for excellent grip and handling. The available 1.0-liter EcoBoost Engine combines the low-displacement efficiency with forced-induction fun.

3. Technology: The 2018 EcoSport has an available eight-inch touchscreen display that offers access to apps through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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