Gear Up for Spring with Service from Franklin Ford


You can start to feel the weather warming up, and that finally means after braving the winter, spring is coming and summer isn't so far behind. We can trade in our parkas for shorts, and enjoy the ocean, ice cream and everything in between. Of course, your car is still going to play a role in getting you to your spring and summer destinations and that's why we encourage you to take stock of your service needs this spring and see us for service to get your vehicle ready.

When you check off spring service from your to-do list, you are going to be able to cruise into summer. Those services include having your snow tires taken off and putting your summer tires back on now that we don't have any snow or cold weather out there, plus tire rotations for balancing and maintaining your tires' lifespan, and wheel alignments to keep your riding quality at high levels. There's also always time for an oil change and fluid check to ensure all these systems are go so you don't get stuck with some major issue in the hot summer sun. Furthermore, we always say it's a good idea to check your cooling systems so that you’re A/C is pumping out cool, fresh air.

Our service center is always here to assist you, so feel free to schedule an appointment with us and we can get started on preparing your vehicle for the warmer months with springtime service here at Franklin Ford soon!

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